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Taking Charge of Your Cognitive Health

Cadence CONNECTIONS is a holistic program designed as an early intervention in the early stages of mild memory decline.

Is your loved one becoming increasingly forgetful and losing things more often? Are you seeing them becoming overwhelmed by making decisions or finding it difficult to keep their train of thought during a conversation? Has navigating familiar environments or following directions become more troublesome? These can often be common signs of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

MCI is quickly becoming a frequent diagnosis for many older adults. It can be a precursor to a more serious cognitive diagnosis later and should not be ignored or dismissed. We created Cadence CONNECTIONS to help those living with MCI avail themselves of every opportunity to slow memory loss and forgetfulness.

Check with your individual community for availability.

Find Harmony and Peace of Mind

Cadence CONNECTIONS gets in tune with each resident’s wellness needs to create a lifestyle plan that makes your loved one feel energized and confident.

What Our Program Offers

Cadence CONNECTIONS is an uplifting residential community of like-minded peers that prioritizes building social, emotional and physical wellness through a diverse symphony of activities. We coordinate intellectually stimulating challenges tailored to your loved one’s capabilities in order to keep their mind sharp and healthy. Because many experts believe MCI has several potential causes, our team takes a holistic, therapeutic approach to programming that activates various areas of the mind through dining, music, art, friendship and more.


Research suggests insulin and diabetes sensitivity are thought to affect cognition. Cadence’s ENCORE Culinary Services offers many healthy options rich in protein and Omega-3 to promote overall health and wellness.


Brain health has been shown to increase through daily movement and exercise. Your loved one can enjoy a variety of classes and fitness programs to become stronger, steadier and more balanced in all they do.


Sleep clears toxins from the brain and body each night and promotes mental wellness, which is why we encourage regular sleeping patterns among all our residents.

Enriched Environments

Living in a vibrant, enriching environment and tight-knit community can prolong your loved one’s cognitive ability, making their brain more resilient to the effects of aging. Each day brings a new opportunity to develop a healthier mind.

Family Connection

Keep your loved one close through supportive activities designed with the whole family in mind. Together, residents, caretakers and families can create a thoughtful prevention plan catered to your loved one’s needs.

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Part of a Larger Community

Cadence CONNECTIONS offers daily social interaction, activities and educational opportunities. Residents in the CONNECTIONS program have full access to everything our communities offer, as well as activities specifically designed for them. The amenities in the larger community include ENCORE Dining, BACKSTAGE at Cadence and the ARIA Arts Program.

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We’d love to answer any questions you may have and show you why our CONNECTIONS program may be right for your loved one.

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