Covid-19 Updates from Cadence Senior Living.

A message from Cadence Principals Eric Gruber and Rob Leinbach:

Dear Cadence Living Residents, Families and Community Partners,

The entire nation continues to grapple with the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are grateful for the tireless efforts of our team members in their care and protection of our community residents. We are also grateful for our resident families’ understanding and cooperation to “social distance” during this challenging and stressful time. There is mounting evidence that communities that are engaged in effective social distancing are “slowing the curve”.  Nevertheless, experts seem to be saying that we are just now entering the “peak” month of the virus and our continued vigilance and efforts to stop the spread of the virus is ever more paramount. We appreciate your further understanding as we continue to enforce our stringent protocols at the communities for the safety of our residents and team members.


Focused actions we are taking at this time.

(Please also refer to our published updates for more detailed information.)

We are not accepting new admissions to any of our communities right now.  For inquiries of interest, please reach out to the individual community to request a “virtual” tour and to discuss placement for a later date.

Visitation Restrictions:

  • We are restricting non-essential individuals, including all family members, friends, responsible parties and nonessential vendors and volunteers from visiting our facility for the time being.
  • We will make accommodations for family members whose loved one is near end-of-life; however, it is critical that we do all that we can to protect our residents and patients from this virus.
  • Any essential visitors must go through the screening process, must be wearing a mask and be cleared before entry to the community.

Universal Precautions:

  • All residents are now subject to a daily temperature checks, twice per day.  This will help stay ahead of any resident that may not be feeling well to ensure we can immediately respond to any concerns. This includes all IL, AL and MC residents.Any residents with symptoms remain in isolation and are monitored closely to include following instructions by their Physician and the Department of Public Health.
  • We have increased our disinfection and sanitizing of all surfaces.
  • All residents and team members have been instructed to increase their hand washing and use of hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • Daily Tips are provided as reminders in all common area spaces, elevators, and delivered with the daily meals to help reinforce this information

Transportation Precautions:

  • All transportation for medical runs, shopping or other events have been cancelled. For any resident in need of an essential doctor’s appointment, please contact the care office or the concierge to make outside arrangements.
  • Anyone needing escort to an appointment including Memory Care Residents, will need to be escorted by a family member or other support person.
  • Our care team members will not be escorting residents to outside appointments at this time to ensure we are not needlessly exposing team members to COVID-19.

Community Dining And Activities:

  • All group activities, entertainment, pastoral services, intergenerational events and instruction have been cancelled. We are doing our best to provide resources for residents to keep them engaged while also practicing social distancing.
  • All dining room meals continue to be suspended. Independent Living and Assisted Living residents are receiving our Chef cooked meals in their apartments, three times per day. Additional snacks and hydration carts are circulated throughout the day to help maintain appropriate nutrition and hydration.
  • Memory Care residents are being seated with physical distancing in the communal dining area, to ensure they receive appropriate assistance and oversight during meals as needed.

Employee Requirements:

  • We have increased employees’ screenings and temperature checks to three times per shift to ensure they are not experiencing any signs of symptoms of the virus. Additionally, we are tracking other places of employment and or travel that may have included visits to domestic or international areas that are currently experiencing the COVID-19 virus.
  • Any employee or an employee with a family member or someone they live with, or someone they have been in direct contact with who may have symptoms of “any” virus or has been tested positive for the virus is instructed to remain off work until cleared to return. 
  • All employees are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment.

CDC Covid 19 Screening Checklist:

  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath/obvious upper respiratory distress
  • Fever, sweating, chills
  • Headache/muscle pain
  • Weakness, vomiting, nausea/diarrhea
  • Red eyes, sore throat
  • Loss of taste/smell

The Cadence Coronavirus Task Force, consisting of senior leadership and executive team members, is in constant communication to update our teams with the latest information and requirements.  We are working with State Health Departments, The Centers for Disease Control and state regulatory teams to ensure we are meeting all expectations to help in the prevention of any virus cases within our communities. 

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