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At Cadence Living, we are proud that our vaccination compliance is one of the highest in the senior living industry. For more details on how we have responded to the recent developments click here.


Cadence’s proprietary SYMPHONY Program is the heartbeat of The Windham. Our holistic approach to community engagement supports all aspects of life, delivering a rhythmic flow of positive experiences to create meaningful connections and boost your overall wellness.

IN•TUNE Fitness

Stay true to your wellness goals with Cadence’s proprietary IN•TUNE Fitness Program. Exercise types are based on resident interests to improve your body, mind and mood.

SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program

Our SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program supports the totality of life with a wide variety of wellness programs — many of which are available only at The Windham. Here, you’ll feel supported to pursue your passions within a caring and friendly environment.

ARIA Arts Program

At The Windham, we believe creativity and self-expression are timeless experiences. The ARIA Arts Program offers a wide variety of classes and artistic encounters across different mediums and popular culture for beginners and experts alike.

Holistic Community Engagement

We weave together a fabric of joyful experiences to enliven both the community around us and the lives of the residents we serve. We engage with community life through planned social outings, live entertainment, walking clubs, a nurse’s guild, men’s morning coffee group, knitting club, an active resident council and more — all based on your interests.

A pizza with basil and whole tomatoes

ENCORE Culinary Services

We make healthy, tasty.

Your favorite restaurant is just steps from your door with ENCORE Culinary Services at The Windham. Recipes are crafted with local ingredients and influenced by your personal feedback and dietary needs. Here, mealtimes are fun, social and entertaining — great times with interesting friends in a lively venue.


The Windham strives to create a well-rounded lifestyle for you or a loved one. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before making your move.