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Cadence Living®’s proprietary SYMPHONY Program is the heartbeat of Inspira Arrowhead. We create a flow of joyful experiences that contribute to your overall happiness and well-being in a caring and supportive environment.

Woman smiles and rests her head on acoustic guitar

IN•TUNE Fitness

Cadence’s IN•TUNE Fitness Program offers a wide selection of fitness classes to help you become stronger, steadier and more balanced in all you do. You can also workout on your own with our state-of-the-art gym and heated pool!

Senior fitness class members smile

SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program

Our SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program offers an engaging activities calendar designed to inspire life-long learning and well-being. Enjoy plenty of special celebrations, book clubs, lectures and excursions to cultural events.

Friends play chess together dressed in nice clothing

ARIA Arts Program

Unlock your creative potential with a wide variety of classes and artistic encounters across different mediums. Our ARIA Arts Program encourages imaginative minds to learn new skills and think outside the box.

Woman in group art class pays close attention to her brush strokes

Cadence Choir

Cadence Choir is a great way to get in tune with a group of fellow singers. From beginners to lifelong singers, all are welcome to join and perform for their families and the community!

Five elderly people sing in a choir
Seared tuna plates with rice, tomato, asparagus and vinegarette

ENCORE Culinary Services

A focus on healthy and tasty.

ENCORE Culinary Services is an engagement of the senses and includes ample choices for every taste. Enjoy menus crafted with organic ingredients and local, farm-to-table selections in an upscale, restaurant-style environment. We’re also happy to work with any dietary preferences to create a personalized menu that makes you feel energized and healthy.

Life in the Key of Beautiful®

At Cadence Living, we strive to create a well-rounded lifestyle for our residents. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about Inspira Arrowhead.