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Our proprietary SYMPHONY Program is the heartbeat of ACOYA Mesa. We deliver a positive, rhythmic flow of active senior living experiences that support all aspects of life. This contributes to individual happiness and wellness while also creating meaningful bonds and caring connections among our team, family members and the larger community.

Man in blue coat strumming guiter

IN•TUNE Fitness

There’s no better way to stay healthy and moving than when you’re supported by a motivating community. ACOYA Mesa features an on-site fitness center with group exercise classes designed to bring people together and keep you healthy and fit — at your pace.

Senior fitness class members smile

SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program

The SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program supports every individual spiritually, mentally and emotionally through special celebrations, exercise groups, arts and crafts classes, book clubs, lecture series, planned social outings, walking club, weekly Bible study and more — all based on your feedback and interests.

Five elderly people sing in a choir

ARIA Arts Program

Get creative with the ARIA Arts Program, where artists of all skill levels can create masterpieces like paintings, collages, pottery and more. Make something beautiful that you’re proud of in our Talent Room and unleash your artistic talents!

Woman in group art class pays close attention to her brush strokes
Chef adds garnish to seafood plate

ENCORE Culinary Services

Enjoy delicious and nutritious culinary creations.

With ACOYA Mesa’s ENCORE Culinary Services, on-site chefs craft delicious dishes based on residents’ favorite eats. You’ll always look forward to all three meals when you can eat delicious food in a casual and welcoming environment with all your friends. We’re happy to work with any dietary needs or restrictions in order to create a personalized menu that makes you feel healthy and energized.


If you have unanswered questions about any of our programs, please reach out to us today!