Memory Care Services.

Revere Memory Care℠ is a holistic engagement of the body, mind and spirit for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Cadence’s Revere Memory Care is a new approach that infuses memory care neighborhoods with a vibrant rhythm of life that’s often missing from other cognitive care settings. At Cadence, residents make meaningful connections through music, dance, art, food, movement and sensory stimulation. Our highly engaged team uses relationship-based care methods centered on your loved ones’ unique needs at every level, honoring their individuality and caring for their totality of needs.


Music and Memory. Studies show that the right music can reawaken memories, stimulating activity and engagement. The benefits can be significant, yet this method is very simple—find the right musical connection to awaken the mind.

Dancing with Dementia. Encouragingly, studies also show that rhythmic dancing can slow the progress of dementia. It can help to revive energy, prevent falls, increase activity and foster general feelings of well-being.

Animal-Assisted Activities. Research shows that therapy dogs and pet visits can increase social engagement and movement and elevate the mood long after the visit is over.

Encounters with Nature. From outdoor walks to gardening activities and access to fresh air and sunlight (weather permitting), we keep residents connected to the natural world. Time spent in natural surroundings has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Sensory Stimulation. Often, those in cognitive decline have lived in low-stimulation environments. Revere Memory Care methods reintroduce fresh, natural experiences such as the scent from flowers and the touch of different fabrics to gently stimulate the senses. Enlivening the senses can increase engagement in the rest of life while potentially decreasing the reliance on anti-anxiety and sleep medications.

Intergenerational Programming. Bringing children and seniors together does wonderful things for both. Seniors become more engaged, and there are positive effects on young visitors.

Mental Engagement. We engage the mind through reminiscing exercises, simple guided meditations and rhythmic breathing, games, arts and crafts, and individual self-expression.


While living in the present is important for all of us, the team at Cadence Revere Memory Care are specially trained on how to be present, flexible and creatively resourceful in how they interact with Revere residents and their requests. We encourage residents to participate in activities away from their rooms and to engage with each other in a community setting. Residents with similar abilities and stages are grouped into activities that are the most appropriate for their functional levels. This ensures a higher quality of experience for everyone in the community.


When one spouse is experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia, the other can continue to live under the same roof and in close proximity to maintain this important relationship. Spouses have the freedom to visit and stay connected whenever they wish, dine together and continue their healthy, meaningful bond.

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